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Uforia Science is a Fresh, New Company Focusing on
Exclusive DNA Based Nutrition!
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Did you know?  Many ÜFORIA™  Science  distributors make more with their part-time Uforia business than they do their full time job.  If you are looking for a business to help supplement your current income or add to multiple streams of income, think about joining our powerful team of leaders.
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What Makes ÜFORIA™ Different

Think about a new nutritional supplement paradigm shift! 
ÜFORIA™ is the one and only company to offer personalized designer ÜTRITION (nutrition) created
specifically for YOU, based upon your DNA profile.
Think about Blind Nutriton vs. Customized Designer Nutrition!

Blind Nutrition vs. Uforia Custom Nutrition Uforia Designer Nutrition

You can generate a successful business with Uforia Science. But hurry and start soon!

Understanding our unique DNA is key to our health and wellness.

How it works:  Your saliva contains DNA from cells in your mouth.
The Uforia Kit contains instructions about collecting and providing your sample to be analyzed by a CLIA and HIPAA certified lab.  The lab then processes your DNA and your genetic data is used to generate your personalized customized designer nutrition. Your customized supplement will consist of nearly 100 peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients along with raw food, super-foods, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

People all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada are falling in love with ÜFORIA™.
And, now you can capitalize on this new nutritional supplement paradigm shift.

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What a Few Distributors have to Say

Here's just a few team members and what they have to say about joining ÜFORIA™ and our team.

Not only is ÜFORIA™ the perfect income opportunity for me, but our team has a lot of fun, too. And, who doesn't like to make money while having fun sharing the products you love.

Whatever challenge you feel that you have, this team can help you through it. The training is easy to understand. Whenever I have a question, I just reach out to my team and I get an answer right away.

Gosh you need to get started today.  Right Now!

~ Bev S.  | ÜFORIA™ Utritionist

It's the science behind ÜFORIA™ that impressed me.

The fact that a company can formulate individual nutritional supplements based on your DNA is a paradigm shift in the supplement industry.

I know that Uforia is on to something HUGE and I am so excited to be a part of it.

In addition, the  ÜFORIA™ scientific advisory board consists of prestigious doctors and scientists who have dedicated their lives to achieving health and wellness.  I highly recommended the ÜFORIA™ Business Opportunity.

~ Bob S. | ÜFORIA™ Utritionist

I'm a business person and ÜFORIA™ is not my first network marketing company.

Honestly, I've done well with many companies in the past.

However, I was excited about the ÜFORIA™ compensation plan. I was impressed about how lucrative it could be with hard work and the right team.

That's why I decided to give ÜFORIA™ a try and I haven't regretted my business choice since.

~ Monica B.  | ÜFORIA™ Utritionist

I was attracted to ÜFORIA™ not only because of the new, unique DNA aspect to customized nutrition but because of my team choice.

In my opinion, if you want to succeed, you need to choose the right team to be truly successful.

Did I mention that I enjoy the income that I receive because of the amazing business opportunity? I make enough extra money to pay my rent with money left over to do fun things, too.

~ Rachel M.  | ÜFORIA™ Utritionist

Why Choose Working with Us?

More Life

Imagine the freedom of working your own hours and spending time on the things that make your heart sing – family, friends, and good health.

Are you neglecting the things that matter most -- your physical/mental health, relationships with friends and family, and time to actually live. With ÜFORIA™, you are offered a chance to work your own hours on your own business! ÜFORIA™ can help you create the lifestyle of your dreams. Imagine the opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted, but never had time for! Want to learn more?

Join our team today and  Experience More!

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Wealth Abounds

What makes a successful business? One important way a business  succeeds is having the right business partner! Someone who has history and experience, that offers new perspectives, and who shares the desire to succeed and grow. ÜFORIA™ and our team, offers that.

Our ÜFORIA™ Team strategy attracts the very best business partners, and we want them to succeed! ÜFORIA™ has created a revenue stream that provides flexibility about how to succeed by building a strong customer and distributor base. That effective strategy enables you to enjoy the benefits of business ownership for a lifetime. Make it your goal to grow your business with us as your business partner.

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Better Health

Good nutrition is at the core of health. And customized nutrition based on your DNA offers even better health.

ÜFORIA™ developed an extraordinary nutritional supplement and system that helps thousands achieve optimal health by providing consumers with their very own DNA-based customized designer nutrition.

ÜFORIA™ assembled remarkable superfoods and other ingredients to form its customized nutrition. The 35+ page Wellness Action Plan that is provided to each customer, as part of their order, is valuable beyond words. We call it your road map to wellness.

As a Business Partner, you can feel confident that you are providing high-quality nutrition that can enhance lives – including yours!

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